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TEL:+40 723-203639 0364-143029 | Adress: F.J Curie Nr 2 Str. Cluj-Napoca Romania

Dental Implants, Porcelain Veneers - Cluj, Romania | MD Clinic


Implanturi dentare Cluj Implanturi dentare Cluj ortothontics braces for childrens and adults

Dental Implants in Cluj-Napoca Romania


Esthetic Dentistry - Ceramic veneers and crowns

Laser Teeth whitening


Braces for childrens and adults


In our clinic we perform complex and complete treatments with dental implants, full mouth rehabilitations with great esthetic and functionality result.


Dr Mona Pantir is amongst the first doctors to offer ceramic veneers treatments in Cluj-Napoca. We offer complete esthetic treatments.

We offer you the revolutionary german system, Ritter Bleach Red, for great teeth whitening results.

As part of our continued developing, we are proud to announce the addition of orthodontic treatments, including children and adults braces, teeth straightening and more.



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All-on-4 (Four) Implants :  New in Cluj-Napoca: A revolutionary tehnique wich allows the placements on fixed prostodhontics on just 4 implants( inferior) or just 6 implants superior. The patient can leave with teeth (temporary) in the same day with implants placement (temporary). Advatages: faster, safer, cheaper than traditional methods and the biggest advantage of beeing able to place the implants when the bone is not sufficient for traditional methods, without additional bone additions. Read more...

Dental microsope: | For maximum precision in endodonthics treatments, micro-surgery, prosthetics, esthetics, implantology.
Piezochirurgie | To perform all type of bone reconstructions and bone augmentations in oral surgery and implantology, we are using Piezosurgery, with ultrasound tehnology, usefull also in sinus lifting, extractions and more. (Acteon, Franta) 
A-PRF Tehnique | Advanced PRF Tehnique Advanced PRF tehnique is used to create special autologues membranes, used in implantology, bone reconstructions, extractions, periodontology.

CAD-CAM Prosthetics| All our prosthetics are highly precision computer aided design CAD, including crowns and veneers, ceramics and zirconium, for a maximum precision and no errors.
Microscope aided Endodontics and highly precise root canal treatment with Apex locator Morita, Xrays and 3D root canal fillings.

Invisalign - Clear alternative for brackets- used in Orthodontics

For more news please visit :  our dedicated page.


Digital Dental Radiology in Cluj-Napoca | X-ray

Panoramic radiography (OPT) and Retro-alveolar digital X-ray

IMG 4834 copy m imaginiMD Clinic offers the latest in dental radiology system by Vatech Samsung!

Pax-Flex 3D and ESX Series with EZsensor

Everything that is necessary for the best treatment and quality, from initial consultation and x-rays,  to control the end result. It will be carried out in our clinic using modern and precise equipment.

More ...
We welcome you as a patient in our clinic. Here we offer treatments to the highest standards, in a modern clinic equipped with the latest technology.

Caring for your health is our priority!

That's why we invest continuously in advanced equipment with high priority: digital radiology for minimum and maximum effective radiated, Ritter dental units and micro optical fiber, sterilization in conditions of maximum security by Ritter (German technology), laser teeth whitening, courses and international specialties for our physicians.

How to choose your dentist and dental clinic or dental practice?
Complex dental treatment may require several specialists from various fields, such as orthodontist, surgeon, endodontist, dental technicians, specializing in cosmetic dentistry, implantology, orthodontics, etc.. In our clinic we can achieve complex treatments precisely because we cover all the dental disciplines, by having trained doctors that have specialiezed in specific treatments. All these treatments are performed in a relaxing, clean , and modern environment by maintaining high standars and constantly informing patients about procedures and treatment plan, by explaining and agreeing the treatment and appropriate treatment alternatives.
In addition, our doctors are undergoing continuos medical training, we invest in the technical equipment, along with continuous investment in the latest equipment such as dental units and digital radiology, and only using the best materials, specialising the staff in  international specialist training courses, and also within the clinic, having constant presentations and discussion of cases.

qualified staffAppointments
Because we know how precious your time is, we strictly adhered to the appointements in our offices but we also adapt to any situation that may occur in your program, ensuring timely reprogramming.

We expect you in a friendly and relaxing atmosphere, in the hands of our doctors and specialists that will make sure you will not regret your choice. We believe that everyone deserves a beautiful and atractives mile, so our medical staff will provide to your needs and will make sure your are satisfy with the  treatment outcome. As an example of this in cosmetic dentistry treatments such as dental veneers we encourage you to come with examples and pictures of the teeth and smile you want.

Quality dental treatment | Excellence in Dentistry
Quality dental treatment carried out by a team of renowned dentists with many years of experience, working with modern equipment, is the solution to beautiful and healthy teeth. So we keep up with everything that is new in the field, being constantly trained in our country and abroad. An important criterion in the choice of doctor and dentist dental clinic is preparation, preparation that comes from experience in years of practice and is supported by examples of cases before and after.
Special interventions, by the nature of dental implant treatment, orthodontic appliances, full ceramic veneers, are made to high standards by the  dentists specialists.

To this we provide the safety guarantee for work performed, for more details please visit warranties page.


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We welcome you to our office as patients. We strive to offer you treatment to the highest modern standards in a new dental clinic, equipped with latest technology, where your health care is a priority.

The appointments
Because we know how precious your time is, we respect with accuracy your appointments  and also we also adapt to any situation that may occur in your program, ensuring timely reprogramming.

We expect you in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and our doctors and specialists will ensure that you will get the best treatment. We believe that everyone deserves an attractive and beautiful smile , so our medical staff will give you the best treatment for the best results in a friendly place.


Quality dental treatment
Quality dental treatment is carried out by a team of  dental specialists, working with modern equipment and materials, for the best treatment towards offering you a beautiful and healthy smile. That's why we keep up with everything new in the field, our dentists are constantly trained in the country and abroad. Special surgery,in the nature of dental implant treatment, are made to highest standards of professional dentists.